Calf Calf Care Quick Tip: Don’t Waste Grain

Posted on June 25, 2015 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
Wasted starter is money that could have been put to better use.  Here are a couple quick tips to reduce starter waste:

  • Don’t overfeed starter. Young calves do not eat much and, therefore, do not need a pail full. Calves like their starter fresh, so providing smaller amounts close to their intakes will help encourage starter intake.
    Week of age Average daily starter intake, lb/d Cumulative starter intake, lb/week
    1 0.2 1.4
    2 0.5 3.5
    3 1.1 7.7
    4 2.2 15.4
    5 3.0 21.0
    6 4.0 28.0
    7 5.0 35.0
    8 6.0 42
    Average = 2.75 lb/d Total = 154 lb
  • Check the pail height. Intake will slow f the pail is at an uncomfortable height.
  • Make sure the pail holders are intact and stay in place.
  • If possible, when it rains, cover the pail with another pail to protect the grain.
  • Do not dump grain refusals around the calves as they will draw flies this time of year. Flies can spread disease and interrupt the calves while eating.

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