Creating a niche while scaling growth – Kyle Beauchamp, KB Custom Ag Services

Posted on March 11, 2020 in

When he started his own custom harvesting business in 2007, Beauchamp admited, "I had no clue what I was doing." But he recognized a need for quality forage, and today KB Custom Ag Services employs 250 people and harvested 150,000 acres in three states last year.

From Way Out West – Dias & Fragoso Custom Harvesting

Posted on March 16, 2017 in Forage Foundations

California may be a U.S. state, but, when it comes to custom forage harvesting, it seems like a whole different world compared with typical Midwest operations.

Bob Headrick has been a part of that world since he started his custom harvesting business in 1976.  He bought his first choppers in the ‘80s and grew his business until 2010, when he sold it to his “competitors and friends” at Dias & Fragoso.  That business is currently owned and operated by Bud and Jerrod Fragoso, and Headrick continues to work with Dias & Fragoso as a forage consultant. 

From Deep in the Heart of Texas – Huffman Farms, McGregor, Texas

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Huffman Farms in McGregor, Texas is a little different from other custom harvester operations. Kevin Huffman, owner, and Johan Brink, forage program manager, said they do a significant amount of custom harvesting in addition to harvesting, storing and delivering more than 50,000 tons of corn silage to dairies around central Texas.

Custom harvesting in the Central Valley (Dan Lamb)

Posted on February 24, 2015 in Forage Foundations
Click here to download Lamb's PowerPoint presentation. With Dan Lamb, Lamb Chops Custom Harvesting Dan Lamb, Lamb Chops Custom Harvesting, Bakersfield, California, gave Vita Plus Custom Harvester attendees the inside scoop on the land he operates in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The San Joaquin Valley is the most fertile land in the U.S.,

Harvester and Producer Panel: Shredlage Experience From the Field

Posted on February 22, 2013 in Forage Foundations
   Photo: (left to right) Bruce Dankers, Dankers Enterprises, Inc., Chuck Fahey, Prairieland Dairy, LLC, and Aaron Kutz, Kutz Dairy, LLC Harvesting corn as Shredlage™ is so new that there hasn’t been time for a lot of research to be conducted. Dr. Randy Shaver, with the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has done a few trials,

Orr Family: A Long History of Custom Harvesting

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The Orr family has been farming since 1946 in Apple Creek, Ohio, but the origins of silage in production agriculture dates back another 80 years to 1860. James and Jonathan Orr, the father-son team that makes up Orrson Custom Farming Ltd. related the history of silage farming, intertwining the past with their own stories of