PVita Plus calf and heifer products are available with a variety of nutrition and additive options.  Contact your Vita Plus consultant to learn more.

Milk replacers

Outshine (28/25)

Talon (25/25)

Vision (22/22)

Calf’s 1st Choice™ (20/20)

Calf Glo® (20/20)

Calf starters


Additional calf starters

Specialty calf products

Calf Magnify:  Whole milk additive

Calf Transition Booster Pellet:  Promote intestinal integrity and function

Inner Shield Plus:  Immune system booster

Liberator:  Direct-fed microbial

Marquee:  Electrolyte and direct-fed microbial

Secure® and Secure® 175:  Colostrum replacers

SerPass 150 and SerPass 200:  Colostrum replacers

Video:  Click here to see how convenient, safe and effective it is to use SerPass.

Vitalyte Plus:  Electrolyte

Heifer products

Customized grower feeds

Base mixes to provide all required supplemental minerals and vitamins

Protein supplements