Dairy goat farm reduces waste, improves profitability by feeding a TMR

Posted on March 7, 2024 in Dairy Goat Performance
By Sarah Varney, Vita Plus dairy goat specialist | Lester Sterken, and his wife, Helen, own and operate Musty Meadow, a dairy goat farm in Delevan, Wisconsin. Access to well-managed corn silage and haylage allows the Sterkens to feed a total mixed ration to meet the nutritional needs of the herd, reduce feed waste, and support farm profitability.

Managing kids and goats to improve health outcomes

Posted on November 6, 2023 in Dairy Goat Performance
Attention to kid care and management can reduce immunological stress and will increase the survival rate of kids.  During her Vita Plus Dairy Goat Seminar presentation, Kate Stollen, DVM, Stollen Veterinary Consulting and Holsum Dairies LLC, reviewed challenges associated with birth and youngstock care.

Advancing rumen development in dairy goat kids during the nursery and grower phases

Posted on August 23, 2023 in Dairy Goat Performance
As a Vita Plus dairy technical specialist, Noah Litherland, Ph.D., has long been interested in rumen development and the physiology of growth in youngstock.  He applies that interest to his family’s farm as they raise dairy goats.  During his Vita Plus Dairy Goat Seminar presentation, Litherland focused on starter intake as a key component of youngstock nutrition and management.

Dairy goat farm focuses on raising healthy, high-producing kids

Posted on May 19, 2023 in Dairy Goat Performance
With the goal of raising healthy, high-producing dairy goats, the team at Blakesville Dairy Farm in Port Washington, Wisconsin, focuses on care and management of kids to enhance lifetime health and performance while continuously being progressive in their farming practices.

Colostrum management (part 2): Successfully feeding high-quality colostrum

Posted on February 14, 2022 in Dairy Goat Performance
By Dr. Noah Litherland In part 2 of our colostrum series, we look at efficient ways to heat-treat, store and warm colostrum. We also review the steps for processing newborn kids and feeding colostrum.

Colostrum management (part 1): Start with the doe

Posted on January 28, 2022 in Dairy Goat Performance
By Dr. Noah Litherland We only have one opportunity per doe to harvest colostrum and to feed her kids quality colostrum, so let’s develop a plan to do it right! Do you have opportunities to manage colostrum more effectively this year?

Virtual Farm Tour: Drumlin Dairy LLC

Posted on November 18, 2021 in Dairy Goat Performance
[gallery ids="16836,16837,16838,16839,16840,16841,16842,16843,16844,16845"] Drumlin Dairy LLC focuses on kid health, year-round production Wisconsin leads the nation in dairy goat production, yet not enough goat milk is produced in-state to make all the goat cheese crafted by Wisconsin cheesemakers.  A few years ago, processors approached the owners of Holsum Dairies, LLC in Hilbert, Wisconsin, to see if they