Pork industry economic outlook for 2021 – Dr. Steve Meyer

Posted on January 25, 2021 in Swine Performance

After initial disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic last year, pork packing plants have recovered and are running at a 96% harvest capacity overall.  During a recent webinar, Dr. Steve Meyer, Partners for Production Agriculture, provided attendees with an update on the current state of the pork industry and an outlook for cost of production and profitability in 2021.

Vita Plus Swine Team Webinar – Pork market update with Dr. Steve Meyer

Posted on July 14, 2020 in Swine Performance

During a recent Vita Plus Swine Team Webinar, Dr. Steve Meyer, Kerns and Associates, provided attendees with an update on what pork producers can expect from the corn, soybean and hog markets for the rest of the year.

Overview of the Canadian Pork Industry – Part two

Posted on July 18, 2017 in Swine Performance

Editor’s note: This is the second article in a three-part series comparing the Canadian pork industry to the U.S. pork industry.

By Garrett Rozeboom
In part one of this series, I compared the exports, imports, and hog census data of the U.S. and Canadian pork industries.  Regardless of the differences, both countries benefit from the other.  In this second part, I will discuss the differences and similarities in swine diet ingredients and formulation methodologies used in both countries.

Corn prices: A guessing game

Posted on March 15, 2013 in Swine Performance
By Brendan Corrigan We’ve been hearing a lot of guesses about where corn prices will be this summer.  Some say $3.50.  Some say $9. The USDA reports that 96 million acres of corn will be planted in 2013.  Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group, an agribusiness research and marketing firm, says that if that

Could Choice White Grease now be pricing in at your farm?

Posted on December 1, 2012 in Swine Performance
By Julie Salyer By now, we have all felt the strain of this year's higher grain prices. As prices for corn and soybean meal remain high and uncertainty of futures continues, we are often seeking options for relief.  It is as important as ever to work with your local Vita Plus consultant to constantly explore

Not enough tryptophan in the whole, wide world

Posted on October 12, 2012 in Swine Performance

By Al Gunderson and Dr. Dean Koehler

High feed costs combined with a high corn/soybean meal (SBM) price spread have created an interesting situation.  It could be advantageous to reduce SBM levels and feed lower crude protein formulations based on high levels of crystalline amino acids. Crystalline forms of lysine, methionine and threonine are readily available and commonly used in swine diets.  The next limiting amino acid in grow-finish swine diets is tryptophan.  But tryptophan is produced in much smaller quantities.

Managing your nutrition program in challenging times

Posted on September 28, 2012 in Swine Performance
Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater By Nate Brown Potential $40-per-head losses and possible shortages of staple feed ingredients have forced hog producers to ask some very difficult questions. Do you sell hogs at light market weights to conserve feed? Do you feed an array of alternative ingredients to stretch corn and soybean

A look at this year’s crop

Posted on September 4, 2012 in Swine Performance
By Todd Herrig A couple weeks ago, I attended a local crop tour that covered parts of four counties (Buena Vista, Clay, O’Brien and Cherokee) here in northwest Iowa to try and get a better idea of what we are looking at for yields in this part of the state. Here’s how it worked:  The

Managing drought-damaged corn

Posted on August 20, 2012 in Swine Performance

By Jon Feitz 
The ongoing drought has raised concerns about the potential quality of this year’s corn crop.  A heat-stressed corn crop carries a higher potential for damaged corn kernels.  This, coupled with high moisture content and high temperatures at harvest time, can lead to a higher incidence of molds and the mycotoxins they can produce.  

What are the alternatives to expensive corn and soybean meal?

Posted on August 8, 2012 in Swine Performance
By Dr. Dean Koehler Widespread drought conditions are heightening concerns among swine producers regarding the high cost - and potentially short future availability - of corn and soybean meal.  An old economics adage reminds us that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” In the Midwest, corn and soybeans are king. Changes in their prices affect

Midd I ask you?

Posted on July 9, 2012 in Swine Performance

By Jessica Boehm and Julie Salyer 
When do you include wheat midds into the diet?  This is a common question with the prices of corn and soybean meal on the rise.  As prices increase, we start to look at other feedstuffs that can be incorporated into swine diets. 

We keep a constant eye on your ingredient costs. Why?

Posted on May 25, 2012 in Swine Performance
By Jim Garrison Formulating swine diets today varies a great deal by what price you may have ingredients booked at or by what you will be charged by your manufacturing mill.  Here at Vita Plus, we use our Nutrition Program Alternatives tool to evaluate your options and provide some answers that match your specific needs. 

Ingredient price volatility and what it means for you

Posted on February 2, 2012 in Swine Performance
By Julie Salyer We all know it - feed ingredient markets are in a constant state of flux.  Recent trends have led to some interesting circumstances we haven’t seen in quite some time.  Diligently monitoring prices helps us recognize challenges and opportunities for your swine nutrition program.  The altered price relationships may even temporarily change