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Agri-Business Consultants LLC (ABC) provides essential business monitoring and planning services to dairy farms of all sizes across the Midwest.  Through on-farm interviews and assessments, our ABC consultants can better understand your operation’s unique goals and craft a business plan to fit your needs. Our financial consultants have assisted producers with a variety of needs, including:

Financial management monitoring
During quarterly or annual reviews, we will analyze your financial situation using a series of financial ratios, budget comparisons and benchmarks. The results of our analysis are then communicated to you in a written report that includes specific recommendations to improve your business’s financial situation.

Feasibility studies
Today’s producers need to continually assess their futures and make necessary changes to stay competitive, profitable, and viable. Through long-range planning and feasibility studies, we can help you sort through all the important dairy business decisions.

Start-up business planning
Once the groundwork has been set, we will develop a business plan to implement the dairy business decisions.  Components may include historical profit and loss, collateral analysis, feed budgeting and inventories, balance sheets, cash flow, and more.

Business succession planning
Succession planning can be difficult and emotionally charged when multiple generations are involved.  This process requires commitment and careful preparation to ensure the success of the business into the next generation. We will work with your legal professionals to develop a structure that makes sense for your specific situation.