The science of dairy farming is everchanging and Vita Plus is committed to providing recommendations based on the latest research.  Our goal is to optimize your income over feed costs by offering proven products with industry-leading service and expertise.

Key goals include:

  • Prevent low milk fat
  • Increase diet protein efficiency
  • Protect rumen health
  • Optimize homegrown forages
  • Evaluate and fine-tune management practices

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Furthermore, Vita Plus uses a team approach to provide:

Dairy nutrition

  • Total nutrition program management
  • Nutrition to optimize robotic milking systems
  • Feed inventory management
  • Commodity evaluation and selection
  • TMR evaluation
  • Feeder training
  • Research-proven products
  • Quality feed manufacturing

Farm business

  • Financial advising
  • Farm transition planning
  • Farm team meeting facilitation
  • Job description and employee performance review development

Herd & facilities

  • Cow comfort evaluation
  • Manure scoring
  • Fresh cow management and maternity audits
  • Herd records analysis
  • Body condition scoring
  • Grouping strategies

Calves and heifers

Feed and forages