Why Vita Plus?

Using advanced nutritional modeling, Vita Plus has developed nutrition technologies unrivaled by anyone in the dairy industry.  We don’t just balance rations; we provide management expertise and a customized nutrition strategy to meet your farm’s specific goals and challenges.

Prevent low milk fat
By integrating the latest science, we can now evaluate your forages, feed ingredients and management practices to help predict your herd’s milk fat throughout the year.  We can adjust the diets accordingly to minimize major slumps.  Focusing on milk fat yield improves your profit potential.

Increase diet protein efficiency
Supplemental protein is too expensive to waste.  By balancing for amino acids instead of crude protein, we bring essential amino acids closer to the cow’s requirements to support milk and milk protein production.  Utilizing amino acids more efficiently improves milk protein yield and saves you dollars by not overfeeding protein.

Protect rumen health
Low rumen pH can have a dramatic impact on feed efficiency and rumen health.  At Vita Plus, we use advanced starch models to predict the rate and extent of starch digestion to help protect rumen health without sacrificing milk yield.

Optimize homegrown forages
Our understanding of NDF digestion and NDF sources helps us maintain or improve dry matter intake and milk yield as forages change throughout the year.  With our technology, we can optimize homegrown forages in the diet and avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket costs of purchasing byproducts.