Olson and Scherer: Machinery Application of Shredlage

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  Click to download presentation Roger Olson of Shredlage, LLC has extensive experience in nutrition consulting with dairy herds.  According to Olson, anytime something was going wrong with a farm’s nutrition program, he observed “cigarette butts” in the manure.  That is, he noticed the round, blunt chunks associated with conventional corn silage. A few years

Shaver: Nutritional Application of Corn Shredlage in Dairy Cattle Feeding

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   Click to download presentation Dairy producers have expressed interest in feeding corn as Shredlage™. At the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Dr. Randy Shaver has been conducting feeding trials to see what makes it tick inside the cow. He shared his results with those looking to put up feed for dairies at the

Kung: Aerobic Deterioration of Silages – Causes, Results & Impact on Ruminants

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Forage cannot be made better from the point it leaves the field, therefore our goal as an industry is to start with the best quality forage possible and preserve it with excellent silage management, said Dr. Limin Kung, University of Delaware. Harvesters and producers should have two goals in making fermented feeds. At the front

Charley: Buchneri 40788 – The Quality Difference

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One simple principle makes Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 stand out against other bacterial forage inoculants. According to Bob Charley with Lallemand Animal Nutrition, that simple principle is a commitment to quality. Buchneri 40788 is the only FDA-approved, research-patented bacteria known to improve aerobic stability of high moisture corn and forages. When used with proper crop management,

Beardsmore: MTD/1 – The Commitment Behind the Name

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Ecosyl is as committed to producing high quality inoculants as today’s custom harvesters are committed to putting up top-notch forages. That’s according to Dr. Andrew Beardsmore of Ecosyl Products Limited. Vita Plus Crop-N-Rich is a unique forage inoculant based on the scientifically proven Lactobacillus plantarum bacterial strain MTD/1. This inoculant has been shown to provide

Sipiorski: Clutching Key Financial Factors

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Just as tractors aren’t what they used to be, the custom harvester business has grown more complex. The four gears on the old tractor kept in the corner of the machine shed aren’t enough to meet the needs of your business today. Gary Sipiorski with Vita Plus helps shift the gears through your custom harvesting

Griswold: Corn Silage Density and Dry Matter Loss – Why and How to Make Your Customers More Dense

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There are four types of dry matter loss – fermentation loss, loss from leaching, surface spoilage loss and feedout loss. Dr. Ken Griswold, Penn State Cooperative Extension, conducted a study to measure losses from fermentation and leaching, with an objective to refine the relationship between density and loss. Griswold worked with four relatively small bunker

Digman and Shiebout: Chopper Adjustments and Particle Size

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Dr. Matthew Digman with the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center and Jason Schiebout with Scherer Corrugating & Machine, Inc. led an open discussion on chopper adjustments and particle size in harvesting corn silage. “There is a lot of debate about proper length of cut and roll gap and how the two interact,” Digman said. The

Panel: Discussion of Applicator Technology

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A group of custom harvesters came together to discuss the latest applicator technology at the Vita Plus Custom Harvester Meeting 2011. Led by Jon Urness, Vita Plus national forage specialist, the discussion featured two new-to-the-market inoculant applicators. Gordon Marley, from Ecosyl Products Limited, first outlined the development and advantages of ULV (ultra low volume) applicators.

Wacek-Driver: Silage Evaluation from the Cow’s Perspective – Six Course Meal or Poor Takeout?

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With all of the factors that influence forage quality, Chris Wacek-Driver said “it’s pretty amazing we produce as many high quality forages as we do.”  Wacek-Driver, Vita Plus forage program manager, congratulated harvesters for doing such a good job during her breakout session presentation at the Vita Plus Custom Harvester Meeting 2011. Wacek-Driver said, “It’s

Orr Family: A Long History of Custom Harvesting

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The Orr family has been farming since 1946 in Apple Creek, Ohio, but the origins of silage in production agriculture dates back another 80 years to 1860. James and Jonathan Orr, the father-son team that makes up Orrson Custom Farming Ltd. related the history of silage farming, intertwining the past with their own stories of

Stieve: Telling Your Story from the Seat of a Combine Through Social Media

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Plenty of activists groups and journalists are putting their emotionally charged and often scientifically inaccurate messages into mainstream media. Marjorie Stieve, marketing services manager with Vita Plus, said it’s the responsibility of everyone involved in agriculture to balance the discussion. Stieve offered the following tips for Vita Plus Custom Harvester 2011 attendees to use when

Digman: Maximizing Harvester Productivity in Snaplage

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Snaplage is becoming a popular alternative to high moisture corn in some portions of the U.S. Dr. Matthew Digman at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center has been working field and feeding trials to learn more about this potential feedstuff. High moisture corn feeds well and can be kept in low-cost anaerobic storage. However, its

Goeser: Does Your Customer’s Forage Have a Story to Tell?

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In his role as a nutritionist for Vita Plus, Dr. John Goeser developed a report card as a means to track his performance for each dairy operation he services. This report card helps him show those dairies how well he is working for them. Goeser adapted his report card to the forage industry to help

Griswold: The Biggest Problem with Silage? – SAFETY!

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Dr. Ken Griswold has made a career out of forages as a part of the Penn State Cooperative Extension dairy team. While that does mean he’s an expert in the field, it doesn’t mean he’s immune to the dangers that come with putting up high quality forages. This past September, Griswold was working in an