New tool to monitor processing roll gap and chop length

Posted on July 30, 2015 in Forage Foundations
The Vita Plus forage team recently developed a new, simple-to-use tool for measuring corn silage processing roll gap and chop length in the field.

A series of four cards, each measuring 0.75 mm in thickness, will enable operators to verify roll gap simply by inserting the cards between the processing rolls at various locations.  If all four cards fit between the rolls, then roll gap exceeds 3.00 mm. The gap should be checked at three or more locations, including the left side, right side and center of the rolls.

One side of the card has instructions for roll gap measurement while the opposite side has general chop length recommendations and measuring rules in both inches and millimeters.  Metric and English rulers on this side will help you measure chop length as feed comes from the chopper.

Talk to your Vita Plus consultant about using this new tool during the upcoming corn silage harvest.

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