Quick tip: Five ways to keep your feet beneath you this winter – Jon Urness, Vita Plus

Posted on January 27, 2016 in Forage Foundations
By Jon Urness, Vita Plus national forage specialist
We all know things get slick in the winter time, but that’s especially true around forage bunkers, piles and bags where moisture and loose plastic add to the challenge.  Here are five reminders to help keep you safe as you work through the cold months:

  1. Plastic covers become extremely slippery under snow.  Move very slowly and cautiously as you cut away plastic, move tires, etc.  Always make sure someone else is with you to call for help in the event of an emergency.
  2. Throw away plastic that you trim off; don’t just toss next to the forage pile.  If snow covers it, you might forget about it and easily slip the next time you’re there.
  3. Consider anti-slip ice cleats or boots with aggressive treads.  These can help you keep your balance as you work around the farm.
  4. Be cautious of slippery conditions when you’re working with equipment.  What might be a mild, easy slope on a forage pile in the summer can turn into a slippery, steep slope in the winter.
  5. As you wear more layers and hooded clothing in the winter, make sure you are still able to notice what’s behind you.  Regardless of the season, know the hazards that might be around you and proceed cautiously.

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