Less shrink. Less spoilage. MORE HOMEGROWN FEED!

Posted on June 24, 2021 in Forage Foundations

One way to control costs on your dairy is to retain as much of your homegrown forages as possible.  Choosing the right inoculant will help you limit dry matter (DM) loss and spoilage.  Covering your bunkers and piles with oxygen barrier plastic will protect your investment.

Reduce dry matter loss
Vita Plus Crop-N-Rich forage inoculant with MTD/1 technology promotes a faster upfront fermentation and thus reduces DM loss.  Research has also shown improved DM intakes and milk production with Crop-N-Rich-treated forages.

Prevent spoilage
If you are concerned about forage or high-moisture grain spoilage and heating issues, consider using an inoculant containing L. buchneri 40788, such at Vita Plus Crop-n-Rich Buchneri.

Crop-N-Rich Stage 2 combines the power of an upfront fermenter with L. buchneri 40788.

Protect your investment
Oxygen is the enemy of stored forages.  Protect your investment and limit spoilage in the top layer of bunkers and piles with Silostop® oxygen barrier plastic.  This proven technology offers 120 times more protection than conventional plastic.

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