NEW! Fast Fact: When to Put on Calf Jackets

Posted on February 17, 2016 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
Question:  At what temperature do you need calf jackets? 

Quck answer:  Here’s a good rule of thumb.  When the night and day temperatures added together equal 90 degrees F or lower, a calf less than three weeks old should wear a calf jacket.

A little more on that:  The 90-degree rule is somewhat of a moving target, but a good guide for calf jacket use. Remember, the thermoneutral zone of a calf is 55 to 77 degrees F.  The youngest calves like it closer to 77 degrees F. This number can float depending on your calf housing, bedding choice and management.

The key is to have a jacket on a young calf to help it preserve energy.  Take off the jacket when the calf is comfortably eating grain.  Adjust the straps to allow for calf growth.  This time of year, make sure the jacket doesn’t become soaked through with wet snow or rain.  This will only cause problems.  As we move into spring, you may want to take off the jackets a little sooner to ensure the calves are not “sweating” under their jackets.  With the end of the calf jacket season approaching, throw away any torn, thin or broken jackets. Wash and store them in a clean, dry place for next year.

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