Vita Plus Dairy Summit 2014: The 20-Year Climb

Posted on December 23, 2014 in Dairy Performance
More than 400 dairy producers, Vita Plus consultants and industry peers came together December 10 and 11 for Vita Plus Dairy Summit 2014 in Red Wing, Minnesota.  Follow the links below for complete event coverage, including articles, videos, photos and speaker presentations.

Business Management

Weather for Agriculture:  What Will 2015 Bring?
Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, shares his research in agronomy and climate change as well as the weather outlook for agriculture in the years ahead.


Dairy Policy Reforms and Advanced Dairy Risk Management Strategies
Dr. Marin Bozic with the University of Minnesota points out that dairy farming is a risky business with many variables outside of producers’ control.  That’s why thoughtful risk management strategies are increasingly important on today’s dairy farms.

What Does Being a Global Player Mean to the U.S. Dairy Sector?
With an ever-growing population and an increasing demand for western food, the need for milk and milk products is on the rise. A top milk-producing country, the U.S. will be a major player in this field, according to Mary Keough Ledman.
Employment Management Programs on Dairies
Peter Coyne, Vita Plus dairy field service specialist and sales manager, shares strategies to motivate farm employees and build a strong team for an efficient and profitable dairy business.


Top 10 Mistakes That Break Up a Family Business
Clear communication – in writing – is the key to a successful family business that thrives through multiple generations according to Jolene Brown, farm business consultant.  She shares 10 mistakes to avoid on the farm.


Animal Health & Nutrition

Assessing and Improving Animal Welfare on Your Dairy
The general public wants assurance from agriculturists that they are raising their food “right.”  Dr. Cassandra Tucker, University of California-Davis, highlights some of the different animal welfare audit programs available to dairy producers.
Success Factors in Transition Cow Management and Lameness
The prevalence of lameness on dairy farms is a worldwide problem according to Dr. Gerard Cramer with the University of Minnesota.  It can lead to decreased productivity, more work for the farm team, and animal welfare implications.
Double-cropping Options for Today’s Dairies
Double-cropping is an increasingly popular practice on Midwest dairy farms.  Pat Hoffman, Vita Plus, highlighted several strategies producers use to make the most of their land and product soils.


Feeding Holstein Steers:  What is the Optimal Market Endpoint?
Although feeding Holstein steers for beef has been a common practice for many years now, little data exists on their growth and performance over extended days on feed.  Dr. Ty Lawrence, West Texas A&M University, shared his recent research into this topic as well as valuable tips for producers feeding Holstein steers.

Virtual Farm Tours

Son-Bow Farms, Inc.
Son-Bow Farms, Inc. in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin puts people first and focuses on building the strongest team to run an efficient and progressive dairy.

Fetzer Farms
Fetzer Farms in Elmwood, Wisconsin makes cow comfort number one in every area of the farm.  Facilities are built and renovated to meet this goal, leading to high production and animal health.

Clay View Dairy, LLP
At Clay View Dairy, LLP in Goodhue, Minnesota, cow comfort is the foundation for high production, top financial credibility, a loyal base of employees, planned strategic growth, excellent operational performance, and high genetic value.

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