Vita Plus employee owners issue 10-gallon challenge

Posted on October 12, 2018 in Company News
(Loyal, Wis.) – Vita Plus Loyal employee owners were excited to join the #10GallonChallenge by donating 10 gallons of milk to the Loyal Community Food Pantry and challenge other businesses and community members to do the same.

The challenge began in August when Ty Higgins, an Ohio farm broadcaster, posted a Facebook video challenging consumers to support dairy farmers by donating 10 gallons of milk to their local food pantries.  The challenge has since exploded on social media, and Vita Plus employee owners wanted to be part of it.

“I saw the #10GallonChallenge on Facebook and thought it was such a fun, simple way to help others,” said Kristina Luchterhand of Vita Plus Loyal.  “It would be great to see others in our community join the challenge and donate 10 gallons of milk.”

The milk was donated in honor of National Farmer’s Day on October 12.  Alice Cook, Loyal Community Food Pantry volunteer manager, said this was the first time the pantry received a milk donation, and they would love to see more milk donated.  She said they are also in need of other nutritious dairy products, including cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese.

The Loyal pantry serves all of Clark County.  It is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  To donate, groups should call 715-503-1140 and schedule a time to drop off the milk or other products.  Post a photo on social media using the hashtag #10GallonChallenge and challenge others to get involved as well.

“Local dairy farmers have been dealing with low milk prices, yet they don’t shy away from helping their neighbors,” said Darin Bremmer, Vita Plus Loyal sales manager.  “This is a small way we can reflect our customers’ generosity.  We challenge other local businesses and groups to show their support of dairy farmers with more donations.”

Vita Plus Loyal offers feed, nutrition and management expertise to central Wisconsin dairy and livestock producers.  More than just a feed supplier, Vita Plus consultants offer the latest cutting-edge technology along with practical, customized strategies to help farms achieve their unique goals.  For more information about the organization, call 1-800-362-8334 or go online at

In above photo:  Vita Plus Loyal employee owners, Kristina Luchterhand and Darin Bremmer, smiled with volunteer pantry manager Alice Cook as they delivered 10 gallons of milk to the Loyal Community Food Pantry.

Update:  Vita Plus Kennan employee owners took up the challenge as well.  In the photo to the right, Alexis Timmers and Ty Ax joined Margie at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Phillips, Wisconsin to donate 10 gallons of milk.

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