Vita Plus is Proud to Thank Farmers!

Posted on November 2, 2010 in
The history behind the blog

As an employee-owned livestock feed and nutrition company, we are proud to serve progressive agriculturists throughout the Midwest with cutting-edge technology, nutritional expertise and customized solutions.  We recognize the years of research and toil that have helped us to better produce an abundant food supply for today’s consumers.  We are thankful for all of the farmers who work as caretakers of the animals and stewards of the land as they produce safe, wholesome and healthy food.

In September of 2009, Michael Pollan visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison to promote his book, In Defense of Food, as a part of the UW common book reading program.  As he did throughout the book’s chapters, Pollan used his UW Kohl Center appearance to criticize modern food production with humor and emotional appeals rather than scientific research and evidence.

We are proud of the way Wisconsin agriculture rallied together in a grassroots effort to share the real story of food production.  A great crowd of farmers, students, businesses and supporters showed up at Pollan’s presentation in green shirts that read “In Defense of Farmers.  Eat Food.  Be healthy.  Thank farmers.”  They welcomed conversations with the media and consumers and shared their stories about the everyday work that happens on their farms – how they care for the animals, how they protect the land and how they plan for the next generation.

The hype around Pollan’s visit becomes more of a vague memory as each day passes, but the lessons learned from that experience live on in our actions every day.  We know it is our responsibility to continually share agriculture’s positive message with our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers and peers.  We need to come to the table with consumers, answer their questions and confirm that their food is produced by people who care about their health and wellbeing just as much as they do.

We are committed to doing our part in this task.  In September of 2010, Vita Plus rolled out its first Thank Farmers! semi-trailer featuring producers from several farms throughout the Midwest.  The semi-trailer – a traveling billboard – puts a real face on today’s farmer.

This blog will continue in that effort.  Like we did a year ago, we will engage in the dialogue, share our Values and use credible facts and research to show how modern agriculture will continue to provide the most abundant and safest food supply in the world.  We hope you seek ways to share this information in your local communities as you do your part to support today’s hardworking agriculturists.

Check back here often for new insight and information and join us in this task:  Eat food.  Be healthy.  Thank farmers!

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