Pray, ‘Love Among Mankind and Peace on Our Earth’

Posted on December 24, 2012 in
For those of us whose lives are firmly planted in agriculture, being thankful for our blessings can be an easy thing to do.  A long night in the barn pays off with the birth of a new heifer calf.  A rush of springtime planting eventually leads to a fall harvest.   A halter-breaking battle with the year’s show steer results in a blue ribbon and a summer of memories for youth.

Our careers are certainly unique as we are surrounded by the celebration of life every day – not just in our families, but also on our farms.  We watch things grow and thrive and produce the next generation.  We see today’s work develop into tomorrow’s abundance.

Still, events of the last couple of weeks can place a dark shroud over the promising light of the holiday season.  Unfathomable anger and tragedy make us question whether the hope and happiness of the holidays can really survive in today’s chaotic world.

But as we’ve said before, agriculture is a field of optimism.  The will to farm is fueled by faith in what’s to come.  We can’t control events of the world any more than we can control Mother Nature.  The best we can do is to give the utmost care to our families, farms, friends and neighbors.  Do good work and hope it inspires others to do the same.  Share kindness with those in our lives and hope it ripples throughout our communities.  Live with compassion through the tough times and be joyful in the good.

Through his words written many years ago, Dr. Dave Dickson, a former University of Wisconsin dairy science professor and legendary dairy cattle judge, reminds us that the warmth of optimism is still worth celebrating in a world of uncertainty.

This Christmas, we give thanks for all of you who do the best you can with what you have every single day.  And we remind you to keep your faith in a better tomorrow as you pray for “Love among Mankind and peace on our Earth.”

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