This makes my life easier: Starter grain feeding log

Posted on July 22, 2021 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
Hickory Lawn Dairy in Cascade, Wisconsin, developed a technique to track starter grain intake simply and effectively by placing a piece of tape on the door of each calf hutch.  The tape is then numbered from 1 to 16, corresponding to the number of cups (in this case, an icing container) of grain the calf consumes.  As starter grain intake increases, the calf manager circles the number of cups the calf should be fed daily.

This concept can be applied using varying cup or scoop sizes to fit your operation.  The beauty of this approach is it allows clear communication among workers feeding calf starter and increases consistency in the amount of grain delivered to the calf.  This ensures grain intake is not limited, but grain is kept fresh with minimal waste.

Category: Calf and heifer nutrition
Starting Strong - Calf Care