This Makes my Life Easier: Calf Treatment Cart

Posted on July 28, 2020 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
The Gar-Lin Dairy Farm's group calf feeders designed this calf treatment cart to make it easier to move and treat sick calves.With Gar-Lin Dairy Farm’s group calf feeders, it was difficult to find a place to treat sick calves. They designed this calf treatment cart to give the calf and employee space for the treatment.  The cart can be wheeled into the pen to pick up the calf and bring it out to receive treatment.  It is also equipped to offer a bottle of electrolytes or IV fluids, if needed, and its design makes it easy to clean and sanitize.

Dana Allen-Tully, an owner of Gar-Lin Dairy Farm in Eyota, Minnesota, said, “It has made our life easier by giving the calf a safe place to be with sound footing, hence making her easier to work with.”

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Starting Strong - Calf Care