Cali the Calf’s Christmas Wish List

Posted on November 9, 2012 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
By Ann Hoskins, Vita Plus Calf Products Coordinator
I recently had a very interesting discussion with a producer’s calf, and she asked if she could share her “Dear Santa” letter with me. Brought to you right from Cali the Calf:
Dear Santa,
Santa, I have been very good this year. I drink my milk and water, eat lots of grain and I even try to keep my hutch clean. Seeing as how I have been such a good calf, I have a Christmas wish list for you.
  • Can you please bring us an easy winter? I know we’ll have snow and I know we’ll have cold days, but maybe there just don’t need to be as many as last year. For those days when it does snow, how about a new shovel?
  • I would like my home to be filled with lots of straw so I can nestle in and keep warm on the cold days that will inevitably come.
  • A new calf jacket would be supreme. It really does break the wind, keep the snow off my back and protect me from Mother Nature.
  • I would like my pail filled with extra calories as I need them to keep growing big and strong and be healthy to get through the winter. (Santa, feel free to talk to my nutritionist as they can give you some tips to help you fill my pail.)
  • I would like my meals to be the same every day. I know it sounds very boring, but I lead a simple life. I like to eat and I like to rest. So it would be great if you could guide my caretakers in a scheduled routine. I would like my milk, grain and water to arrive the same time every day and be exactly like it was the feeding before.
  • A shiny new thermometer and scale in the mixing room would help create consistency in mixing and feeding temperatures.
  • I would like warm water in my pail as cold water just isn’t very good when it is so cold out. It takes a lot more energy to drink cold water versus warm water. Please keep it coming twice a day.
  • How about some new pails, bottles and nipples under the Christmas tree? You see, mine are getting a little scratched and they just don’t seem to be as clean as what I like. With that, include a brand new set of brushes to clean my eating utensils.
  • For my caretakers, I’d like new jackets, insulated bibs, stocking hats, gloves and a good boots. If they are all bundled up for winter, it sure will make taking care of me much easier.
  • I could use a scale. (Yes, a scale.) I would like to know just how much I am growing and if I am keeping up with my counterparts and neighbors.
And finally, Santa, I hope you bring all my friends, neighbors, caretakers, suppliers, and all those who help me grow into a great cow a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.
With Love,

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