Calf Care Quick Tip: Good ‘Calf Movers’

Posted on December 21, 2015 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
Click on the photos above for examples of good “calf movers.”

Here’s what we like to see in calf movers as you transport newborns from the maternity area to their individual pens or move older calves to other facilities:

Easy to  use

  • Doors / gates open easy and do not pinch fingers
  • Moves easily on wheels and/or safely attaches to a vehicle or skid loader
  • Light weight
  • Can either be lowered or is at a height that makes it easy for the calf to get in and out safely

Easy to clean

  • Poly or other materials that are easy to disinfect and sanitize
  • There are not a lot of “hidden” areas where bacteria can harbor

Can be used for various-sized animals

Sized for the number of calves that are needed to move at a certain point

May have headlocks to use for other purposes, such as dehorning and vaccinating

Can easily be used in all weather conditions

  • Needs to protect the calves from the elements

May contain a scale for easy weighing

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