Calf Care Quick Tip: 20 Spanish Words You Should Know – Anna Blake, Vita Plus

Posted on October 28, 2015 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
By Anna Blake, Vita Plus Loyal dairy specialist
Communication is often cited as the biggest challenge among today’s farm teams.  Language barriers can significantly contribute to that challenge.  Learning the 20 Spanish words listed below may help you more effectively communicate with your team as you work together to raise strong, healthy replacements.

English term Spanish translation
antibiotic antibiótico
bloat timpanismo
calf ternero/a o becerro/a
calf hutch cobertizo
colostrum calostro
diarrhea or scours diarrea o chorrillo
fever fiebre o temperatura
gallon galón
grain grano
hay heno
healthy sano/a
mold hongo
navel ombligo
pasteurizer pasteurizadora
powder milk leche en polvo
sick enfermo/a
to disinfect desinfectar
to feed alimentar
to mix mezclar
vaccination vacunación


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