Reintroducing Silostop Gravelbags – Jon Urness, Vita Plus

Posted on May 26, 2016 in
By Jon Urness, Vita Plus national forage specialist
Our Silostop® Gravelbags are not new and they aren’t improved, but sometimes it’s simply worthwhile to draw attention to a product that is often overlooked in the field.

Securing plastic tightly along the walls of bunkers or at ground level on the perimeters of silage piles can be a challenge. All sorts of methods have been tried with varying degrees of success.  One solution that always seems to be a winner is to get a supply of Silostop Gravelbags, fill them with pea gravel, and place them in those critical areas where oxygen and water can get into your feed.

Once filled with a non-absorbing material such as pea gravel, each bag will weigh about 45 pounds and will cover a length of about 40 inches.  Their woven netting material should make them last at least five years. Their length and width make them ideal for stacking on pallets when not in use.  Suggested retail cost is $3 per bag and they are available for order through Vita Plus.

Photo 1 (left)
Silostop Gravelbags look like this when they are new and unfilled.  They are 10 inches wide and 48 inches long.  They have a grab handle on one end and a tie to close up the contents on the other.

Photo 2 (below). 
Here you can see the filling end of the gravel bag, complete with drawstring ties for closing.

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