Beardsmore: MTD/1 – The Commitment Behind the Name

Posted on December 4, 2012 in Forage Foundations
Ecosyl is as committed to producing high quality inoculants as today’s custom harvesters are committed to putting up top-notch forages. That’s according to Dr. Andrew Beardsmore of Ecosyl Products Limited.
Vita Plus Crop-N-Rich is a unique forage inoculant based on the scientifically proven Lactobacillus plantarum bacterial strain MTD/1. This inoculant has been shown to provide the following benefits:
  • Provides more rapid and efficient fermentation that reduces dry matter loss and preserves palatability and digestibility
  • Is highly stable and performs over a wide range of pH and temperatures
  • Shows reduced protein breakdown
MTD/1 has been shown to improve animal performance. A summary of independent research trials showed a 2.6-pounds-per-cow-per-day difference between the control and MTD/1 treated forages, including alfalfa, corn silage and grass silage. In addition, a summary of 26 independent trials showed a 3-percent increase in forage organic matter digestibility when inoculated with MTD/1. According to Beardsmore, most companies do not have this kind of animal improvement data.
Beardsmore said an immense attention to detail is placed on every batch of Ecosyl’s MTD/1. To start with, MTD/1 is produced through continuous culture. This means that the bacteria growing in a fermenter are fed nutrients continuously and are also harvested continuously. This is a more efficient production method, but it is also very difficult to achieve. Ecosyl is the only silage inoculant manufacturer to use this technology.
Beardsmore said that MTD/1 is also different because each product is handled individually; it’s not mass-produced. This allows for rigorous quality control. One person inspects all of the bacteria produced and releases that product for sale. If she finds that it does not meet the highest standards of quality, she won’t let it leave the lab. This means custom harvesters can always be assured of the quality of Crop-N-Rich and MTD/1.
Every production detail is recorded to comply with the European Union’s strict regulations. These regulations consider antibiotic resistance and assure that products won’t harm people. Ecosyl makes sure all ingredients are pure and food grade. In other words, its products aren’t just safe for livestock, they’re also safe for humans.
Beardsmore said he appreciates harvesters who further this commitment to quality to the field. He reiterated that the product must be mixed and applied properly to achieve maximum results. This includes protecting the product from air, moisture and heat. This will ensure that each application includes the correct number of bacteria.
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Check out this technical bulletin for more guidelines for mixing inoculants and cleaning applicators.

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