Basic applicator maintenance

Posted on January 9, 2014 in Forage Foundations

A half-hour in the shop on a cold winter day could prevent big trouble and delay next summer when you’ve got trucks lined up, packing tractors fueled, and forage that’s ready to harvest…NOW!

Many forage chopper owners take advantage of the inoculant applicator technology offered by Dohrmann Enterprises, Inc., specifically the DE-1000 and DE-1010 ultra-low volume applicators that have pretty much become standards of the industry.  These units are incredibly reliable, but do require routine maintenance to continue running properly.  At least once each season, the rubberized pump tubes should be replaced and the units should be cleaned and inspected.  This short video will give you a few tips for basic applicator maintenance.

Visit the Vita Plus YouTube channel for more helpful videos.

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