Drive Forward: Vita Plus Swine Summit 2015 Recap

Posted on April 8, 2015 in Swine Performance

About 200 pork producers, Vita Plus employee owners and industry peers met in Morton, Minnesota for Vita Plus Swine Summit 2015 on March 26 and 27.  In addition to networking with their peers, attendees learned about the latest trends in pork production, management and markets from industry experts.  Follow the links below for complete event coverage.

The Value of Finish Fast and Increasing Throughput to Increase Profits
Dr. Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc., and Nate Brown, Vita Plus
With lower pork prices expected in the next couple years, production effiiciency will be especially important to achieving financial goals.  Evaluating throughput and highlighting areas for increased efficiency is a first step.

Rules of the Road Applied to Succession Planning
Dr. Ron Hanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Transferring farm ownership to the next generation is an emotional process.  Although it may be difficult, family members need to discuss and resolve all potential issues. Starting this process early will help keep both the family and the farm intact.

Drive Forward: Build Your Executive Team for Growth
Jim Ostrom, Milk Source, LLC
Business growth starts with a strong team of individuals with diverse skills and a commitment to achieving the organization’s goals.  That’s the strategy co-founders of Milk Source, LLC have used to build the business into one of the largest dairy farming businesses in the U.S.

Keeping Your Family in the Farm
Dr. Ron Hanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“Farm succession planning involves communication,” said Dr. Ron Hanson.  During his spouse session presentation, he highlighted five key questions and considerations to open dialogue and begin the planning process before it’s too late and emotion takes control.

Nutritional Impacts on Performance
Dr. John Patience, Iowa State University
The simple goal of all pork producers is to make a profit.  Focusing on your nutrition strategy and optimizing diets can have a huge impact on production efficiency.  This includes not only the actual ingredients fed, but also physical facilities and space.

Economic Outlook for 2015
Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc.
Although they won’t see the record profits of 2014, pork producers can expect to be in the black this year.  Strong domestic demand is a contributor as competitive meats remain expensive at the store.  Additionally, cleared West Coast ports should also boost export potential.

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