4 Must-Haves for Moving Calves

Posted on July 17, 2019 in Starting Strong - Calf Care
By Dr. Noah Litherland, Vita Plus dairy youngstock technical specialist
The right equipment can make the task of moving a newborn calf from the maternity area to the nursery easier on workers, as well as safe and hygienic for the calf.  Key attributes of newborn calf moving equipment include:

  1. Simple, convenient and reliable
  2. Easy to clean and sanitize
  3. Transports newborn calves safely
  4. Fits onto a scale for birth weight measurement

Here are some types of calf movers that may work well on your farm.  See the photos above for more details.

  • Tip cart:  Makes it easier for workers to slide calves into the cart without picking up the calf.
  • Homemade cart:  This doesn’t have to be an expensive investment.  You might already have the basic parts for making your own newborn calf mover.
  • Garden cart:  As shown in the third photo above, a simple garden cart might fit well on your calf scale.  This can make it very easy to get a newborn’s birth weight.
  • Skid-steer attachments:  For larger farms moving multiple newborn calves, a skid-steer attachment can be useful.  The platform can be raised or lowered to fit the application.
  • Small trailer:  For longer distances, or hauling on the road, an enclosed trailer dedicated to hauling newborn calves may be a convenient option.  It should be cleaned and sanitized frequently.

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