Get the most from your forage with Vita Plus silage technologies

Posted on December 29, 2023 in Forage Foundations
Maximizing homegrown nutrients is a key strategy to manage costs in today’s volatile markets.  Vita Plus consultants are committed to providing service and technology to help you get the most from your forages.  Our industry-leading silage inoculants, covers, and preservatives are research-proven and field-tested to deliver consistent results.

Easy-to-use silage inoculants

  • Crop-N-Rich® MTD/1®:  Greater dry matter recovery in a broad range of forages and conditions
  • Drive:  Three strains of lactic acid bacteria for greater dry matter recovery
  • Crop-N-Rich Buchneri:  Reduce yeast growth and subsequent mold, spoilage, and heating in high moisture corn, earlage/snaplage, and forage
  • Crop-N-Rich Nexus:  Dual-purpose inoculant for greater dry matter recovery and reduced spoilage and heating in forages

Silage Covers

Silage Sentinel: Oxygen barrier plastic with industry-leading technology for greater dry matter recovery and less spoilage


  • Bale Champ®: Buffered propionic acid to preserve baled hay
  • Bunklife®: Feed preservative to prevent heating and spoiling

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