To Our Veterans – Thank You

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Originally established as Armistice Day following World War I, Veterans Day is “a celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.”

Take a moment today, November 11, to consider the freedoms you enjoy as an American and remember that those freedoms were earned by the sacrifice of others.

Join us in thanking our veterans.  Below are thoughts from many of our Vita Plus employee owners.  We welcome you to share your thoughts by commenting on this post.  You may also browse these quotes at

To our veterans and active military personnel, we celebrate you today and thank you for your service always.

“First and foremost, veterans are heroes.  These are the men and women who sacrifice their own wellbeing, their time with their families, and their own lives for us.  They fight so we can ‘live the American dream’ and reside here with a peace of mind.  Troops and veterans, I thank you.” – James Thompson, Vita Plus swine sales specialist

“Without veterans, the freedom and constitutional rights we as Americans hold close could never be upheld. Veterans’ heroism, pride and honor to our country deserve – without question – the utmost outreach of thanks from their fellow Americans.  To all veterans for their selfless sacrifice, I thank you for your service!” – Colin Cheever, Vita Plus Distribution Center maintenance & operations

“I can only think of one greater sacrifice than what our men and women do in the armed services to protect our freedoms.  Thank Heaven Veterans Day exists so we at least can acknowledge on one day the unselfish, compassionate spirit of our fighting troops and vets!” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“Our veterans helped shape this country into what it is today based on their actions.  They put the good of the country before their own goals and wants.  That in itself should be honored.” – Phil Kubesh, Vita Plus information technology

“My father was a Vietnam vet.  My mother conceived my eldest sister before he left and a sister I never met when he was home on leave.  They lost her at 2 years of age due to many complications, which my mother, to this day, feels was due to Agent Orange.  Our veterans and their families endure many challenges and have witnessed firsthand many things that most of us civilians would never want to even dream about seeing.  The least we can do is show our respect for their sacrifices.” – Tony Newton, Vita Plus Lake Mills general manager

“Veterans have kept us safe from harm and allowed us the freedoms we enjoy in the greatest country on Earth.  Many have made the ultimate sacrifice for their families and us all.  It’s only right that we thank and honor them.” – Randy Cantrell, Vita Plus Loyal production

“Because of veterans, we live in a country where everybody has the chance to choose the career they desire and they are only limited by their own effort and abilities.” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“It is important to honor those who served our country because, without their sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today.  I have a good friend who served and who tells the story of getting shot at in a helicopter over Afghanistan.  He found a bullet lodged in his seat above his head.  He could have very easily died that day, leaving behind his wife, family, and friends.  Showing honor is the least we can do.” – Mark Case, Vita Plus dairy specialist

“We are very blessed as a country and we owe it all to the men and women of our armed services who were willing to sacrifice on behalf of all Americans.  They have my eternal gratitude and admiration.” – Andy Carlson, Vita Plus dairy specialist

“Our freedom and our values come from the men and women who have fought, and many have died, to give us what we have today.  We need to thank them and their families for their service, dedication and commitment to democracy and the United States of America!” – Mike Milder, Vita Plus quality assurance & regulatory manager

“I believe a day dedicated to honor our veterans is the least we can do for the service they have provided our country.  It is easy to get caught up in the hustle of daily life and forget to stop and truly appreciate the numerous men and women who have fought for us to have the freedom of a busy lifestyle.  I am grateful for their courage and selflessness.  To all veterans, thank you!” – Katie Varney, Vita Plus marketing & events specialist

“Coming from a military family, I think it is important to recognize the people who have sacrificed their lives, their time, and their time with their families for our country, whether past or present.  Without these people, we would not have the freedoms that we have today.” – Brittany Stewart, Vita Plus Dodgeville dairy specialist

“We need to honor vets and thank them for our freedom.” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“Veterans Day is a great opportunity to show veterans our appreciation for all of the sacrifices they have made for our freedom.  It’s hard to comprehend what our lives would be like without the men and women who serve our country.  Veterans and their families need to know we care about them and are forever grateful for what they have done for our country.” – Cindy Cooper, Vita Plus formulation

“Some of my relatives served in wars and they never talk about it, so I can’t imagine what they must have done to stay alive and to protect us.  That makes me appreciate them all the more.” – Dave Rohr, Vita Plus accounting

“We need to thank vets.  Hats off to all that have served or are currently serving.” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“We live in the greatest country in the world.  It’s not an accident; it’s the direct result of our brave veterans.  ‘This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.’ (Elmer Davis)” – Dr. Owen Mickley, Vita Plus dairy specialist

“It’s important to honor our veterans because they have made a great sacrifice – and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice – to keep our country free.  Honoring these individuals – those who are currently serving and have served – is one way we can say ‘thank you for your service.’” – Kevin Caspersen, Vita Plus dairy specialist

“It’s very important to honor the veterans of any and all foreign wars.  Anyone who can go out and put their life on the line for our freedom deserves honor and the utmost respect.” – Kristi Swanson, Vita Plus Lanark customer service

“We should proudly honor our veterans as they gave their freedom so we can enjoy our freedom every day.” – Cindy Trewyn, Vita Plus accounting

“We need to honor the men and women who put others’ wellbeing ahead of their own.” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“It is exceptionally important to spend a little time honoring and reflecting with the veterans that have served our country on Veterans Day or any other day for that matter.  Veterans that have served our country in war and peace are the reason any of us have the freedom to work at Vita Plus, work in agriculture, and live in this country.  Veterans have ensured our republic offers the opportunity for people to succeed in any way they choose versus having someone choose a lifestyle for them.  Veterans unselfishly answer the call for their country and situations and things that are much bigger than themselves.” – Bob Hagenow, Vita Plus sales manager

“We so very often take for granted those things which deserve the most gratitude.  Many veterans speak of their years of service with modesty and humility.  Honoring their devotion, service, and impact they have had in shaping our country on Veterans Day serves as a powerful reminder that our country’s liberty and justice has been preserved by those who have and continue to serve in the armed forces.” – Chad Howlett, Vita Plus beef products manager

“It is very important to honor all veterans on this day.  Without them, life would be so different.  Being free to choose the life I want to live, have a wonderful job to go to every day, and have a good school for my kids to attend and get a great education is priceless.  We cannot honor and thank them enough for all they have done for everyone and all they have sacrificed.  We need to thank them every day, not just on Veterans Day.” – Kate Raley, Vita Plus grain merchandiser

“We need to honor veterans because these men and women believe in something greater than themselves – the United States of America.  The sacrifices made may not mean much to the average person, but one day a year reminds us of the great sacrifices they have made.” – Vita Plus Madison production team

“It’s important to honor our veterans because, without them, we wouldn’t have freedom and the luxury of feeling safe every day!” – Jacob Thate, Vita Plus Fairmont warehouse

“I think it’s important to honor those who served our country because they selflessly stepped up to care for the nation and for what is ethically right.  I am proud to honor their sacrifice and courage gratefully.” – Dr. Michelle Windle, Vita Plus forage & dairy technical services

“Just look at this country and all that we have.  Veterans have defended our freedom and protected our rights as Americans, and they should be acknowledged for that.  We need to thank them for all that they have done for all of us.  To those who are serving and those who have served – thank you.” – Dave Bloom, SF Transport driver

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