Video: Safety first and ALWAYS

Posted on October 22, 2019 in Dairy Performance
The most important thing you will do today is make it back safely to your family or friends tonight.

Safety is a value at Vita Plus and we remind all our customers, staff, and industry partners to be safe during forage harvest and throughout the year.  In this video, Stephanie Jens, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, joins Michelle Chang-Der Bedrosian, Vita Plus, to offer a few safety tips to follow when working around forage bunkers and piles.

  1. Be visible:  Wear reflective, high-visibility clothing.
  2. Communicate:  Especially during harvest, be aware of where crews are working and what equipment is in operation.  Notify the rest of the crew when you enter a work area.
  3. Use extreme caution at the interface between two crops:  Click here to learn more about this dangerous situation.
  4. Do not approach the face of tall (greater than 10 feet) bunkers or piles:  Ideally, the distance between you and the pile should be at least three times the height of the face to limit your chances of being caught in a forage avalanche.

Vita Plus Dairy Summit 2019 will take place December 11 & 12 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Talk to your Vita Plus consultant for full event details and registration information.  Keynote presentations include:

  • Critical factors for global protein economics | Dr. Steve Meyer, Kerns and Associates
  • Beefing up your dairy herd: Is it a fit for you? | Randall Greenfield and Chad Howlett, Vita Plus
  • Where’s the (real) beef? | Dr. Frank Mitloehner, University of California-Davis
  • The road map to the 2020 election | David Wasserman, The Cook Political Report

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