Inoculant applicators: Keep the bugs alive!

Posted on June 17, 2015 in Dairy Performance
By Dr. Michelle Windle
Bacterial inoculants are a valuable part of your forage program, but they must be handled correctly to make the most of yoru investment.  In this video, I provide a few steps to keep inoculant bacteria alive.  These common-sense strategies can significantly protect the effectiveness of inoculants and make the most of your investment.  For more forage management expertise, visit

Click here to download a printable sheet of Inoculant Handling Tips.

About the author:  Dr. Michelle Windle is a Vita Plus forage products and dairy technical service specialist. Windle earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science at the University of Delaware. She continued there to earn her Ph.D. in animal and food science, specializing in forage research with Dr. Limin Kung. Her thesis research centered on the use of a protease to improve starch digestibility earlier in the ensiling process. A New Jersey native, Windle gained much of her farm experience during her collegiate years, milking cows, working in a forage laboratory, and performing dairy research. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Windle’s responsibilities at Vita Plus include forage product research and development, dairy research, and dairy technical services.

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