Why Vita Plus?

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Quality forages... Where sound nutrition starts At Vita Plus, our forage program is more than just a product line.  We take forage quality – and the management decisions that affect it – very seriously.  Our consultants join your team to offer personalized service and expertise to help make the best decisions for your operation.  The


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Our products are backed by both rigorous research and real results in the field. Easy-to-use silage inoculants Crop-N-Rich® MTD/1®:  Greater dry matter recovery in a broad range of forages and conditions Drive:  Three strains of lactic acid bacteria for greater dry matter recovery Crop-N-Rich Buchneri:  Reduces yeast growth and subsequent mold, spoilage, and heating in


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Vita Plus uses a team approach to provide: Forage feedout strategy Fermentation analysis TMR particle length distribution evaluation Manure scoring and fecal starch analysis Mycotoxin mitigation strategies Feeder training Bunker and pile management surveying and benchmarking Feed inventory management and predictive use Commodity evaluation and selection Inoculant applicator calibration Harvest and storage planning Kernel processing