Why Vita Plus?

Posted on November 30, 2012 in
Using advanced nutritional modeling, Vita Plus has developed nutrition technologies unrivaled by anyone in the dairy industry.  We don't just balance rations; we provide management expertise and a customized nutrition strategy to meet your farm's specific goals and challenges. Prevent low milk fatBy integrating the latest science, we can now evaluate your forages, feed ingredients


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Your Vita Plus consultant will work with you to customize a nutrition strategy to match your homegrown forages, available byproducts and other feedstuffs, and production goals.  We focus on maximizing the health and performance of both lactating and transition cows.  Products we offer include: Anionic products Buffers Fat Glucose precursors Ionophores Rumen-protected nutrients Vitamins and


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The science of dairy farming is everchanging and Vita Plus is committed to providing recommendations based on the latest research.  Our goal is to optimize your income over feed costs by offering proven products with industry-leading service and expertise. Prevent low milk fat Increase diet protein efficiency Protect rumen health Optimize homegrown forages Evaluate and